Nosedive playing the tune of his weird little... ferret? watch
Sound FX (effects)
On top of the quotes page, I'm in the process of ripping many of my favorite lines and sound effects to audio files. Feel free to use these for custom alerts, ringtones, et cetera. You'll want to right-click and save-as with these, or they'll just jumpscare you by playing in your browser. (Page Under Construction!)
  • The Return of Dr. Droid
  • Mondo-Man
  • Puck Fiction
  • Monster Rally
  • Buzz Blitzman, Mighty Duck!
  • Bringing Down Baby
  • Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome
  • The Iced Ducks Cometh
  • The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt
  • Duck Hard
  • The Return of Asteroth
  • To Catch A Duck
  • The Final Face Off


The First Face Off Part One

The Human Factor