a clip of Chameleon portraying Shakespeare
This show has so many fun lines, I had to compile my favorites. It should go without saying, but spoilers ahead! Episodes in order of air date, except for a couple near the end which have been put back in their chronologically most likely order (as the show was aired out-of-order toward the end). (Page under construction!)
  • The Return of Dr. Droid
  • Mondo-Man
  • Puck Fiction
  • Monster Rally
  • Buzz Blitzman, Mighty Duck!
  • Bringing Down Baby
  • Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome
  • The Iced Ducks Cometh
  • The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt
  • Duck Hard
  • The Return of Asteroth
  • To Catch A Duck
  • The Final Face Off

The First Face-Off: Part One

The First Face-Off: Part Two

A Traitor Among Us

Zap Attack

Phil In The Blank

Power Play

Dungeons and Ducks

The Final Face-Off