A clip of the logo from the main title sequence of the show

      In the fall of 1996, riding off the trend of animal crime-fighting groups so popular at the time, Disney introduced the final cartoon to its Disney Afternoon line-up, Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series.

       Unlike the live-action films it was inspired by, this series followed the wild adventures of a team of anthropomorphic alien Ducks in their battle against the evil Saurian empire, a fight which ultimately leads them to be stranded in Anaheim, California, on Earth. Here on Earth, the team continue their fight against the Saurians while also taking on the local baddies, all while adopting the mantle of The Mighty Ducks, the newest National Hockey League sensation, to keep their skills sharp.

       With a fun premise, an absolute earworm of a theme song, an intro sequence of all original animation (unlike the rest of the DA lineup whose intros were cobbled together from episode footage), and even a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing under its belt, the series seemed like a hit. And yet, this cartoon only lasted an absolutely criminal single season of 26, 22-minute long episodes.

       Still, there was a healthy fan community for the show on the early Internet, with dozens of websites dedicated to their favorite Ducks. Sadly, with no new content in nearly 30 years, the community has largely drifted away and most of those websites have long since gone the way of the dodo. A few still survive, none updated in the last 15 years or more, frozen-in-time shrines to a bygone era.

       I had one of those long-gone small sites, hosted on Geocities, one upon a time. It wasn't well-made, and had very little content, but I loved it and had plans to redesign it and do more with it. However I never quite got to it, and with Geocities closing in 2009, I pretty much had given up on the idea.

       But I still find myself going back to this show, literally decades later. It still entertains me, still makes me laugh, still ignites my imagination. And so recently I decided I was going to do it—even if no one was left to really care about it, I was going to finally make the website I wanted to make years ago, the culmination of 27 years of obsession with a goofy short-lived a hockey puck with the Mighty Ducks logo Disney cartoon.

       Welcome to Saurians Suck (Ducks Rock)!